Used Trucks and Vans

Buying a Used Truck or a Used Van

When buying used trucks or vans, businesses often weigh the pros and cons. Doesn’t it make better sense to buy a new one? Or is it better to make a choice from among a host of used trucks for sale?

Not surprisingly, many buyers prefer to make a winning contract from among a string of choices available with dealers like Lasalle Motors. So, what is the big deal in buying used vans or trucks?

The answer is straightforward and simple. Smart buyers go to the right dealer and pick the one that suits their budget, fits in their requirement, and at the same time does not compromise on attributes.

Buying used trucks or vans is not as agonizing and risky as many would like you to believe. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you through to make a sensible and a practical choice.

Decide On The Right Van Or Truck

You know your business needs more than anybody else. A person who has decided to purchase a used SUV, Chevrolet, Dodge, or any other vehicle knows that he or she wants to get the most of the vehicle for the least possible price. Your business, after all, is not looking for what it wants, but what it requires. Stay away from models having luxury items included. You may not need leather seats and fancy stereo systems. But you will definitely consider the kind of cargo your vehicle will haul, safety issues, and performance.

Find The Best Dealer in Montreal

Buyers must find a dependable dealer. Numerous buyers have been fleeced by “fly by night” operators who sold them the worst van or truck at the highest possible price, not to mention deplorable after-sales service.

Avoid being fleeced by a dicey merchant. Start out by zeroing in on a reputable dealer. The one you have finalized must be dependable with many years in business, and must have a large collection of both high-end and lower-end vehicles. More importantly, the dealer must have a large number of steadfast repeat customers. Trustworthy merchants like Moteurs Lasalle build confidence in buyers by providing in-house service and warranty protection.

Research The Model of Used Truck or Van

A good investigation is always worth the effort. Here is a quick list of things to learn before buying:
-    Read customer reviews thoroughly
-    Check resale values
-    Peruse through vehicle history reports
-    Determine if there were any recalls with the model you are planning to buy.

Determine Your Budget

Weigh up the final cost including down payment (if any), the monthly installments, and the insurance premiums. The total will decide whether you can pay or not for the used truck or van.

Consider Financing Options

When you decide to buy used trucks, determine financing options first. Banks offer financing on used trucks and other vehicles. Some banks may refuse to offer financing for used trucks older than a specified period. Moteurs Lasalle has been selling vans, trucks and cars since 1975 so we can help you get the financing you need at the best rates possible.

Ask Questions

Come visit Moteurs Lasalle at 1570 Crescent Claire, Lachine to browse our trucks and vans for sale and ask questions that will provide in-depth information on the vehicle. Don’t be afraid to ask about our sale of the week and whether we currently have any promotions on our used vans or trucks.

Test Drive

Found the truck or van that you think suits your needs? Then it is time to go for a test drive. One of our representatives will accompany you to test drive any of the models you like.

Moteurs Lasalle for Used Trucks and Vans

The above constitutes just a sample list of the more important points. Remember that used trucks for sale can be a gold mine, provided you put in some effort. Moteurs Lasalle can make your search easier with our wide selection of used trucks and vans.