Used Car Dealership

Montreal Used Car Dealer - Moteurs Lasalle

It is important to buy your next vehicle from a reliable, trustworthy used car dealer, like Moteurs Lasalle. After all, it is hard earned money you are about to spend even if it is a used car. To get the best value for your money, you need to begin with a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles to choose from. Moteurs Lasalle is a used car dealership with over 100 cars, SUVs, vans and trucks and is constantly getting new inventory in order to replace sold cars.

Next, as already mentioned, you need to select a dependable car dealer. Here are some factors that make Moteurs Lasalle a dealership you can depend on for quality and great after-sales service:

•    Used car dealer in Lasalle since 1975!
•    We offer financing through banks and second, third and even fourth chance credit agencies.
•    Our used car lot is filled with a wide selection of recent model, pre-owned vehicles.

When it comes to choosing a used car dealership, reputation counts. Moteurs Lasalle is well-known for selling the best used vehicles at the most competitive prices. Moreover, unlike many others, we’re known for quality of service you can depend on.

As a reputed used cars dealer, Moteurs Lasalle assures that you will be driving out with a car that is in good shape, dependable, and does not have a dubious history.

Here are some essential issues you must consider before you become a fresh owner of a used car, all things you can count on from Moteurs Lasalle.

Car Certification

Every used car goes through a thorough certification process. Ask the dealer to see the mechanic’s precertification inspection report. It is the best piece of paper to evaluate the present condition of the car and also to know what can be in store for you going forward. Only quality car dealers like Moteurs Lasalle, have highly trained staff that use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to evaluate each car thoroughly.

Ask for the Buyer’s Guide

It is mandatory that used car dealers must post Buyer’s Guide in every car offered for sale. This requirement includes all vehicles like light-duty vans, program cars, and light-duty trucks. The buyers guide will let you know the following:

•    How the car is being sold – whether “as is” or with a warranty
•    How the dealer will adjust repair costs during warranty
•    The existing mechanical and electrical conditions of the car.

Professional preparation as well as warranty protection is preeminent requirement of any used car.

Ask For the CARFAX Report

Do not take any chances when buying a used car. You may be risking owning a vehicle with hidden problems. Used car dealers of questionable repute tend to produce a fixed car report. So, get a CARFAX detailed history report that will provide you information on any title problems, ownership history, and past record of accidents and service. Reputable dealers like Moteurs Lasalle will readily oblige you by producing CARFAX.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Used car dealers in good standings have good relationships with lenders like banks and financing companies. Whether you will pay it completely up front, borrow a portion of it or simply want to rent a car short or long-term, Moteurs Lasalle can accommodate your needs. Our long-standing relationships with financing companies means we can offer solutions many other used car dealers can’t.

Check The Return Policy

Even though used car dealers have no cash-back policy, they may still offer you some leeway to rethink your purchase. We stand by the cars we sell and offer warranties on everything in our dealership.

Lasalle Motors: Experience as a used car dealer matters

The experience and the past record of the car dealer do matter. After all, a company like Lasalle Motors has 36 years of pre-owned car business experience behind them, built on being a quality used car dealership.