Cars for sale of many brands and recent models at unbeatable prices!

Cars for sale is what we’ve been doing for over 35 years.

“Cars for sale” is what Moteurs Lasalle has been doing since 1975, it’s been in the family since its beginnings. Since the beginning, clients have left satisfied with their recent model used car, truck or van that they just purchased at an unbeatable price. We admit that there are many "fly-by-night" used car dealerships out there dedicated to selling you the worst quality car for the highest price they can get and then shrugging their shoulders at customer service.  The entire auto sales industry has suffered from these tactics.
LaSalle Motors has been in business in auto sales for 35 years. Our cars on sale have always been backed by our permanence, which is important to customer loyalty.  We own the land and all the buildings on it, so  our clients know that they can come back after they have purchased their car for sale for the kind of service they deserve. Or, to upgrade their vehicle after a few years and we will still be here.

Reliable cars, trucks and vans on sale with new inventory every week.

Professional preparation and inspection of your future vehicle, as well as warranty protection, make buying a used car from Moteurs Lasalle rather than through a private auto sale, a sensible decision. We inspect our cars for sale before buying them to ensure they meet our quality requirements. Then, we ensure that the car is in great condition before being placed to sell on our lot. We add great new pre-owned cars, trucks and vans to our lot every week!
A totally family owned and run business, our reputation has been built on selling quality pre-owned vehicles and providing excellent after sale service and customer care.

Looking for a car for sale in Montreal but aren’t in a hurry? Look through our inventory online.

Moteurs Lasalle’s cars for sale can be reviewed from the comfort of your home 24/7! Our newly update site now allows us to list our auto sales directly on our website, allowing our current and potential clients to keep an eye out for the car sale with their name on it! Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Dodge, Jeep, Honda and GMC are some of the auto-makers you can browse through from your office or home to shop our inventory of car sales. Pay particular attention to our special of the week – car sale offers that are at rock bottom prices!

Vehicles for sale in Lasalle with the savings and selection you need to get YOUR car!

Looking for a specific car on sale and can’t find it on our site? Contact us and we’ll do what you can to get you the car, truck or van for sale on budget. Every week, we add to our inventory to replace the sold vehicles.

Why can you trust a car on sale from Moteurs Lasalle?

Let’s count the reasons why!
-    New cars for sale every week!
-    Auto sales for over 35 years!
-    We own our land and everything on it – it’s how we’ve sold vehicles for 20+ years!
-    Trustworthy customer service
-    Unbeatable prices on car sales!